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What Baby Size Do I Buy for a Newborn?


Newborn Infant in Mother's Arms at Hospital
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Whether you're currently pregnant or attempting to purchase a newborn baby gift, if you're looking at clothes, you're inevitably trying to figure out what baby size is appropriate.

My general advice to mom and those looking to buy baby clothes as gifts is to buy big. And when I say big, I mean 6-12 months big. New moms get lots of clothes in the beginning, but their options often become limited when they get to bigger baby sizes.

With that said, if you are set on purchasing an outfit the baby can wear right away, opt for 0-3 months unless you know for certain that the new arrival will be a newborn on the lower end of the birth weight scale.

Most newborn baby sizes fit up to 10 lbs - or so the labels say. My experience (and the countless experiences of other moms) will tell you that 10 lbs is a stretch.

So, to be safe, buy a 0-3 months baby size when purchasing baby clothes for a newborn.

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