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Before You Buy Baby Clothes Gifts

Satch & Sol Raspberry Jokers

Baby clothes gifts are always a big hit no matter the occasion; make sure you find the right fit before you make the purchase.

Baby Clothes Spotlight10

Cleaning Leather Soft Soled Baby Shoes

Leather soft soled baby shoes are a staple in most baby clothes wardrobes, but they do get dirty; what's the best way to care for them?

How Many Clothes Does a New Baby Really Need?

As a first-time parent, it can be hard to know just how many baby clothes you really need. Here's the quick answer.

How Long Will My New Baby Wear Newborn-Sized Baby Clothes?

Newborn baby clothes look so teeny tiny on the rack; how long will they really fit your baby? And are they worth buying? Find out here.

What Size Crib Shoe Should I Buy?

Buying that first pair of baby shoes can be very exciting; and while there's plenty of guidance on when to buy them, it's hard to know what size is right. Particularly when you're talking about shoes for babies not yet walking.

Christening and Baptism Clothes for Babies

Christening or baptizing a baby is a tradition that dates back centuries. The special day often includes an outfit selected specifically for the occasion. Sometimes that outfit is handed down from generation to generation; other times, parents choose it on their own.

Baseball Baby Clothes: San Francisco Giants

The 2012 World Series finds the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants matched up in a fight for the coveted title. If you're a fan of the Giants, you'll want your baby decked out for the game. Check out these awesome San Francisco Giants baby clothes, and get ready for the World Series.

Baseball Baby Clothes: The Detroit Tigers

The 2012 World Series: who will be the two teams to play for the coveted top prize? So far, we know the Detroit Tigers are in it to win it; if you're a fan, you'll want your baby ready for the game. Check out these awesome Detroit Tiger baby clothes and get ready for the World Series.

6,200 Zippered Sweatshirts Sold at Target Recalled

More than 6,000 sweatshirts sold by Target were recalled today due to excessive levels of lead found in the zippers. Sweatshirts were sold in sizes as small as 12 months. Read more about this recall and find out what styles were recalled.

1,100 Pairs of Baby Pajamas Recalled by My Clothes

More than 1,000 pairs of baby pajamas were recalled by My Clothes today; two different styles fail to meet the federal flammability standards.

10,000+ Sets of Infant, and Baby Pajamas Recalled by Papa Bear Loungeabouts

In a recent voluntary recall, Papa Bear Loungeabouts has issued a statement recalling more than 10,000 pairs of infant, baby, and children's pajamas in a variety of styles.

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