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Stacie McClintock

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Stacie McClintock is a lover of baby fashion and thinks all parents deserve to know how to best dress their baby on any budget! Her niche is keeping up with the trends, and then finding out how to create them on a dime!


Stacie has been writing about the baby fashion industry for several years. Prior to taking up writing, Stacie was a parent, frustrated with the lack of good information about the available baby clothes options out there; as a result, she opened her own retail store in hopes of helping other moms, just like her.

Stacie is a lover of fashion trends and follows them religiously. She currently serves as a fashion marketing consultant to several European companies as well as a few that are more local to her hometown.

By Stacie McClintock:

About Baby Clothes will bring you current clothing trends, show you where to buy them, and how to stay within your budget. From newborns to 2T, our community has your bundle of joy covered (literally) from head-to-toe! So whether you're aiming for a celebrity look, or just need the basics to get you through your first few weeks, you'll find us informative and helpful in your shopping journey.

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