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Readers Respond: Who Makes Your Handmade Baby Clothes?

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Handmade baby clothes are often the choice for parents looking for original designs. That means many of us are trolling sites like Etsy to find these treasures. My question is, who makes your favorite handmade baby clothes? What Etsy sites (or other small websites) do you like to shop? Let us all know so we can shop too!


A growing range of hand made baby clothes - made to order in fabric of choice - personalised if required - polka dot, butterflies, strawberries, flowers, boats, Thomas, Cath Kidston fabrics, Disney fabrics (not affiliated to the above, nor sponsored) - not copies - individual designs! www.spinningjennywren.blogspot.com
—Guest Jenny

Munchkin Clothing

I've orderd from it accouple times. Each peice handcrafted beautifully. www.munchkinclothing.ca
—Guest Jenn

Favorite Etsy Shops

tinywhales.etsy.com chabukigear.etsy.com billiebeans.etsy.com dressme.etsy.com ThePinkZebra.etsy.com
—Guest Shari Grace


A smart place to shop for baby shower gifts! If you're looking for stylish and practical handcrafted clothing and accessories for your kids, then LoriLiz.com is the place to shop. They even offer a line of 18" doll clothes to match their T-Shirts.
—Guest Loren

Lovely Handsmocked & Handprinted Dresses

check out www.izzienfriends.com ! It offers unique handmade dresses for little girls. They have a range of handsmocked dresses that made of vintage fabrics and recently launched a handprinted flower range for Spring 2010 and it's absolutely gorgeous ... comes in vibrant colours and assorted designs ... I particulary like the tunic dresses where they can worn in many variations.


Gaspsngiggles.com is a community site/ forum, that also has a little baby boutique. It has all customizable hand-made baby clothes.

Adorable Organic Handmade Baby Clothes

Knitzees has adorable handmade organic baby clothes for both baby boys and girls. They have baby sweaters, baby hats and more on their website: http://www.knitzees.com


I don't have the knowledge or friend base to make my own clothes, but I love having clothes that are handmade and unique. So I shop at Etsy for some specialized clothes. I can get them hand made and even personalized if I'd like.
—Guest Robin


All of our babies' handmade clothes are made by Knitzees, our family business. Everything at Knitzees.com is hand knitted organic cotton.
—Guest Mike
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