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Every Thursday, the About.com Parenting Channel participates in "Thrifty Thursday." By sharing tips on making life more affordable for all those in our children's lives - from new parents to grandparents - we'll bring you something new every Thursday. In case you've missed a Thrifty Thursday, here's a list of the baby clothes-related tips to get you started.

Non-Essential Baby Clothes: Don't Waste Your Money on These Baby Clothes
Powdered Gold in the Laundry Aisle: How $12 Can Save Your Baby's Wardrobe
Cartoon Animals That Save Your Baby Clothes Budget: Garanimals Baby Clothes are Durable and Affordable
Baby Clothes Flash Sale Sites: BabySteals.com Offers 50-80 Percent Off Something New, 5 Days a Week
Freecycle Your Baby ClothesUse Freecycle.org to Get Free Baby Clothes
Designer Duds at Auction PricesLearn to Shop eBay for Discount Designer Baby Clothes
Budget Baby Gifts: 5 Baby Clothes Gifts Under $10
Baby Clothes Flash Sale Sites: Up to 70% off Baby Clothes at Totsy.com
Swap and Save on Baby Clothes: Host a Baby Clothes Swap Party
Shop Consignment, Save Big: Save Money on Baby Clothes

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