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What to Look for When Buying Used Baby Clothes

Used Baby Clothes Can Save You Money, But There Can Be Drawbacks


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Buying used baby clothes can be a great way to get your baby some “new” clothes, without spending a small fortune. Whether you choose to shop consignment, garage sales, or you hunt for bargains at your local thrift store, it is possible to score some great deals.

But, there are some things you need to consider when buying used baby clothes; the primary concern being safety issues. Safety recalls spring up all the time in relation to baby clothes so it’s best to keep an eye out for potential problems when you’re shopping around.

While you probably won’t have a list of baby clothes recalls with you, you can look for obvious things such as loose zippers, loose buttons, and decorative adornments; these are the biggies.

The next thing to look at is fabric composition. Try to avoid synthetic fabrics as much as possible. Over time, synthetics like fleece tend to break down and release gases such as benzene, ammonia, and ethylene glycol.

Finally, remember that, if a piece of clothing is listed as 6-9 months, it may actually fit smaller or larger. Fabrics tend to stretch or shrink over time, depending on the type of fabric and the washing methods that the previous owner used. While it’s not practical to have your baby trying on clothes, you do need to keep it in mind. You hold your baby everyday, so you should be able to eyeball it pretty well.

Buying gently used baby clothes is a great way to stretch your dollar. Shop smart and you'll find the best deals out there.
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