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Infant and Baby Sleepwear

Baby sleepwear for boys and girls. Footie pajamas, slippers, sleepwear separates and luxury sleepwear to pamper your new baby. Plus, all the information on where to buy these great items!

Organic Baby Pajamas
New Jammies creates fun and adorable printed organic baby pajamas.

The 3 Rules for Buying Baby Sleepwear
Baby sleepwear is a staple item, especially with newborn babies. There are certain things to consider though when you're buying it as not all baby clothes items that appear to be sleepwear are actually classified as such. Are you following the 3 rules for buying safe baby sleepwear?

Baby Sleepwear: What to Look for When Buying Baby Sleepwear
Baby sleepwear is an essential part of any baby wardrobe. While it may seem simple to choose some pajamas, there are some very specific things you should keep in mind when buying.

Infant and Baby Pajamas: Halo SleepSack Wearable Blanket
The right baby pajamas are important. The right fit can mean a good night's sleep and depending on the weight of the baby pajamas, you may be able to forgo a blanket, thus reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Halo SleepSack is a great alternative to a blanket.

What is a Bag Sleeper?
Sleepwear comes in many forms; here we'll define a bag sleeper.

Festive Children's Holiday Pajamas
'Tis the season to be jolly. These jammies will keep babies and toddlers both warm and festive, all season long.

My Baby Pajamas: Dedicated to Sweet Dreams
When a store has dedicated its time and energy to sleepwear for babies, you know they've got to be good. With bright colors, new designers, and an easy to navigate site, they're a great place to shop for baby sleepwear.

Happy Panda Sleepwear: Great Clothing and Sleepwear for Bigger Babies
You probably know of at least one baby that is off the charts in growth; maybe it's your baby. Created by Pamela Kramer, Happy Panda is a line of clothing for the "bigger baby." A once frustrated parent of two Happy Pandas, she created the line because nothing fit her kids. Happy Panda offers up adorable clothing and sleepwear for the "bigger baby."

Classic Sleepwear Offerings by Carter's
Carter's has been a trusted name in baby clothes for a long time; sleepwear is one of their specialties. With all the designer names out there that create luxury sleepwear, new parents can get easily overwhelmed with the choices. If you stick with a classic like Carter's, you can't go wrong. Available at Kohl's and other major retailers.

Are Flame Resistant Baby Pajamas Safe for Babies?
There has been controversy over whether or not flame resistant chemicals used to treat baby clothes are safe. While many baby pajamas are treated with these chemicals, you can find snug-fitting, all cotton baby pajamas which are not. But the question remains, "are flame resistant baby pajamas safe for babies?"

Baby Recalls: Pajamagram Baby Pajamas Recalled
Baby Recalls: Pajamagram Baby Pajamas Recalled

Hanna Andersson Recalls 1,000 Robes That Violate Federal Flammability Standard
Hanna Andersson has recalled 1,000 children's robes starting in size 24 months. These robes do not meet the federal flammability standard set forth by the CPSC. Double check to see if this is in your baby's closet.

Petit Lem Recalls More Than 1,700 Pairs of Baby and Children Pajamas
Petit Lem recalled more than 1,700 pairs of baby and children pajamas which failed to meet the federal flammability standard set forth by the CPSC. Double check to see if these pajamas are in your baby's closet.

Understanding the U.S. CPSC Children's Sleepwear Regulations
Here's an easy-to-understand breakdown of the CPSC Children's Sleepwear Regulations.

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