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Summer Baby Clothes

Sun Protection, Swimwear, Sunglasses and Sandals - There's a lot to Consider!


Summer is a great season. Backyard sprinkler sessions, wading pools, the beach......your baby is probably outside quite a bit. And because the sun is so hot, he needs extra protection. When you're getting ready for summer, there are some very specific baby clothes you should consider.

1. Cute Baby Swimwear Sets for Boys and Girls

Juicy Couture Baby Girl Swimsuit

Summer is one of the best seasons for being outdoors - and inevitably in water. Whether your baby is just trolling through the backyard sprinklers or headed to the beach, these swimwear sets are the perfect answer for what to wear when the weather gets warm.

2. Baby Sandals for Playing

Keen Kids Sunsport Baby Sandals in Cloud Print

Baby sandals are a must for summer - especially if you have a baby that's walking. From stray sticks in the yard to woodchips and stones on the playground and asphalt, sensitive soles need protecting. The trick is finding a sandal that will also move with your baby's foot so they have the most natural walking experience.

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3. Sunglasses to Protect Those Baby Blues

Baby Banz Sunglasses
Baby Banz/PG

Baby sunglasses are such an important part of your baby's outerwear wardrobe no matter which season you're in. But the intensity of the summer's sun makes them non-negotiable.

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4. Jelly Sandals for Baby Girls

D&G Junior Jelly Sandals

Some girls just want to have fun - and that's exactly what jelly sandals will bring to any baby girl's outfit.

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