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Winter Baby Clothes Every Parent Should Have In Case of a Roadside Emergency


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With the winter months right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about colder temperatures and potentially slick roads. Not only that, it's important to think about what to have on hand in the car, in case of a winter car breakdown, or an unfortunate slide into a ditch.

It happens more often than you think, but it's one of the last things you're prepared for. When my daughter was an infant, our vehicle broke down while we were on the way to my parents for a weekend visit. It was snowy, slushy, and cold, and after calling a tow-truck and realizing it would be a few hours before anyone could get to us, we resigned ourselves to sitting and waiting it out.

Luckily, because we were planning a weekend trip, we had plenty of extra clothes packed and we had just filled the tank with gas. Had it been just a day trip, I can't honestly say I would have been as prepared with extra winter baby clothes, and I may not have had a full tank of gas either. The results could have been far worse than they were.

So, what winter baby clothes should you have in the car, in case of a roadside emergency?

  • Bamboo or wool baby clothes. Bamboo is my personal preference, because of its thermal regulating properties. But if you haven't invested in bamboo baby clothes yet, go for wool. Wool is an excellent insulator and will keep your baby plenty warm.
  • An extra set of hat and mittens. While it's likely that your baby will already have these on, it doesn't hurt to have a second pair with you. If your baby does get overheated in the car, the pair they have on may get sweaty and irritate their skin. Additionally, heaven forbid you're somewhere and you run out of gas, you may need the extra pair to double up on their hands.
  • Fleece lined boots or slippers like UGGS. While they won't always leave socks on, boots that Velcro will stay in place. If you're not in a position to purchase UGGS, go for a lower priced alternative.
  • A sleeper sack.If your baby is close to nap time, and it's going to be a while before you're rescued, take him out of his bulkier clothes or snowsuit and place him in a sleep sack. Many of these, like the sleep sacks made by Halo, are made of fleece and are very warm. A sleep sack can also make a feeding go much more smoothly because your baby will be more comfortable. If you feel they won't be warm enough in just a onesie and a sleep sack, lie them under a blanket for extra warmth.
  • Long sleeve, footed baby pajamas. Again, my personal preference would be bamboo, but any pair will do. This is a great layering piece for under a sleep sack or a pair of pants. When packing these in your winter baby clothes emergency kid, it is a good idea to pack a thinner pair and a fleece pair if you don't have bamboo. The thin pair can be layered while the fleece can be worn alone.

Too many people are caught off guard and only think about emergencies after it's too late. And it's unreasonable to think that your baby will be able to sit in their car seat for several hours without getting too warm or fussy. The lack of mobility is frustrating for them, but as their parents, you know it's just not safe to have them rolling around the seats either.

Pack your winter baby clothes emergency kit before the snow starts to fly and the roads get slippery. Just one accident or breakdown is all it takes. Drive safely and have safe travels.

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