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Infant and Baby Outerwear

Infant and baby outerwear for warm and cold weather. Highlighting snowsuits, swimwear, jackets, hats, mittens, boots, and sunglasses, while pointing you in the right direction for where to buy these necessary baby clothing items.
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Top 5 Baby Boy Swimsuits of 2012
Summer is upon us and it's time to hit the beach! Here's my top picks in the category of baby boy swimwear for the summer of 2012.

Top 5 Summer Baby Hats of 2012
Summer calls for special hats; especially when it comes to protecting little baby heads. These are my top picks for baby hats in the summer of 2012.

Baby Swimwear: UPF Swimwear is a Must Have
Baby swimwear that carries a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of 40 and over provides excellent protection from the sun for your baby's sensitive skin. Baby swimwear with a UPF rating is specifically designed to block the sun's harmful UV radiation, and is different than the SPF rating found in sunscreen.

Frubi Baby Sunglasses
Whenever you and your baby are headed out into the sun, you should make sure your baby's eyes are protected with sunglasses. Fellow Guide, Heather Corley, takes a look at Frubi Baby Sunglasses.

LL Bean: The Place for Baby Outerwear
When it comes to outerwear for your baby, the quality of LL Bean can't be beat. So durable and trusted, it is the choice of parka for the storm chasers on The Weather Channel. Backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if anything happens to your baby outerwear, you'll get your money back or get it replaced for free.

Winter Baby Clothes and Car Seat Safety
Winter baby clothes are warm but often bulky, which can often pose a problem when it comes to car seat safety.

6 Cute Baby Swimwear Sets for Boys and Girls
Baby swimwear is a necessity for the summer months no matter where you live. Whether you frequent the beach or just spend endless hours under the sprinkler, baby swimwear is an easy-on that can get wet but never get messed up.

Top 3 Baby Sunglasses
Whether it's summer or winter, baby sunglasses are a must-have. Since baby's eyes have less protective pigment than adult's, they absorb more ultraviolet radiation which is extremely harmful . Even if you and baby are spending most of your time in the shade, sunlight will reflect off almost any surface which can still expose your baby to harmful UV rays. When shopping for baby sunglasses, be sur…

What to Look for When Shopping for Baby Sunglasses
We all know that baby eyes are sensitive - in fact, more so than adult's. To keep those eyes protected, baby sunglasses are a must-have all year long. But do you know what to look for when you're shopping for baby sunglasses? Find out here.

Summer Baby Clothes
Summer is a great season. Backyard sprinkler sessions, wading pools, the beach......your baby is probably outside quite a bit. And because the sun is so hot, he needs extra protection. When you're getting ready for summer, there are some very specific baby clothes you should consider.

18,000 Sweatshirts and Jackets Recalled by Hot Kids and the CPSC
Approximately 18,000 sweatshirts and jackets with drawstrings are involved in a baby clothes recall issued by Hot Kids and the CPSC.

900 Baby and Child Sweatshirts Recalled by Alpha Industries
900 Baby sweatshirts have been recalled by Alpha Industries due to a choking hazard.

Keep Your Baby Cozy — Both Inside and Outside the House — All Winter Long
With cold weather right around the corner, you might be wondering what kinds of baby clothes you can use to keep your baby warm — both in and out of the house. Here's some suggestions to keep your baby cozy, all winter long.

Sunglasses Are Important for Babies in the Winter
It can be tempting to put away the baby sunglasses once summer is over, but the sun is still bright, particularly during the winter. So does your baby still need sunglasses in the winter months?

What Should I Look for When I Buy a Baby Bathing Suit?
Many babies spend their summers running around naked as a Jaybird, but when it's time to hit the beach, it's often time to cover up—both for sun protection and because babies in suits are just so darn cute! But what should you look for when you buy a baby bathing suit?

Top Swimsuits for Baby Girls, Summer 2012
The summer of 2012 is just around the corner and that means it's time to think about swimsuits! And what's cuter than a baby in a bathing suit? Not a whole lot! Here's my favorite picks for this coming beach season!

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