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Tiny Ducky Organic Newborn Baby Gift Set

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Tiny Ducky Organic Newborn Baby Gift Set

Organic Newborn Gift Set

Tiny Ducky

The Bottom Line

A beautiful gift for any newborn on your list.


  • Color selection runs from traditional hues like muslin and white to richer eggplants and cranberry.
  • Soft and luxurious, every piece is a treat for baby's skin.
  • Newborn gift set includes long-sleeves bodysuit, swaddling blanket, pacifier and beanie.
  • Price point of less than $50 makes this an incredibly reasonable newborn gift.
  • Arrives beautifully packaged and ready to gift.


  • Newborn gift sets are only available as a same solid color gift set so you can't mix and match.
  • Available primarily online, it's difficult to fully appreciate the amazing quality of this gift set.


  • A vast selection of deep and rich colors bring a breath of fresh air to the often monotone industry of organic baby clothes.
  • 4-piece newborn set is priced at less than $50 and comes beautifully packaged making it an incredible deal.
  • Available in sizes Preemie through 3-6 months.
  • Excellently made, each piece stands up well to multiple washes and seems to get softer with each and every wear.
  • Each piece is embroidered with the Tiny Ducky logo and their name, adding just a touch of embellishment.
  • Shipping is quick and customer service is exceptional.

Guide Review - Tiny Ducky Organic Newborn Baby Gift Set

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have stumbled upon Tiny Ducky. As far as organic cotton baby clothes lines go, this one is truly top notch.

At first, I was astonished with their lush color palette - an often forgotten feature when you're talking about organic baby clothes. But as I dug further into their available clothing choices, I became more smitten with every click. From adorable miniature yoga sets with zip-up hoodies to newborn gift baskets that come complete with a bodysuit, beanie, blanket and newborn pacifier, it's hard to beat their selection.

And when you choose a newborn baby gift set, it comes beautifully packaged, set against a small piece of wood - very fitting for such a natural product. The swaddling blanket is ample in size and incredibly soft while the the newborn pacifier is of excellent quality.

If you've got a newborn gift to purchase, I'd highly recommend checking our Tiny Ducky.

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