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Wool Baby Clothes Are Great For Any Season


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Organic wool is a fabulous, natural textile that has had a bad rap for a long time. Labeled as "itchy," many parents didn't want to put it next to their babies sensitive skin.

However, in the thousands of years before synthetic fabrics arrived on the scene, wool was a fabric that many parents counted on to keep their babies warm. In fact, many hail wool as nature's most perfect fabric. The 1st wool factory opened in England in 50 A.D.

So, how can your baby's wardrobe benefit from organic wool baby clothes? In two ways. Organic wool will keep your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Surprised? I was too. At least about the cool part. Ryan Jordan, Ph.D., a textile-industry consultant told Real Simple Magazine, "wool is the most effective fiber at regulating your body temperature." The only fabric more effective is bamboo.

As you shop for organic wool baby clothes, you'll find that there are many different weights of wool, some of which are appropriate for warmer weather, and others that are more suitable for cool weather. And you can find virtually any piece of baby clothing made out of organic wool.

Here are some hard and fast facts about wool, and it's wonderful properties.

  • Wool can easily return to it's original shape after being stretched.
  • Wool is static resistant, meaning it won't "shock" you, or cling to your baby's body.
  • Wool can absorb moisture, up to 1/3 it's own weight. This is one reason that cloth diaper covers are often made from the fiber - they're called "soakers."
  • Wool is much harder to ignite than synthetic fibers.

New methods of manufacturing wool means that babies - and adults - can now wear this warm and natural textile without itching. Plus, you'll be doing a good thing for the environment; you can re-shear sheep every year, so wool is a sustainable textile. In addition, when wool is sheared, natural oils, dirt, and vegetable matter can be removed simply by scouring the textile in a warm water bath - no chemical required.

Overall, wool is a great choice for natural baby clothes. Look for it in sweaters, blankets, mittens, hats, booties, and pants.

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