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Where to Find Cheap Newborn Clothes

When You Don't Want to Spend a Bundle, Turn to These Resources


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When expecting, many parents wonder where they can find cheap newborn baby clothes. Sometimes it's because budgets are tight, other times it's because these parents recognize that their newborns will grow out of these first tiny outfits in a matter of weeks.

First of all, it's important to remember that newborns don't really need many clothes. In the first weeks at home, newborns sleep a lot and the best practice is really just to put them in whatever is comfortable, easy to sleep in, and easy to access diapers from. So don't worry about running out and buying a whole load of newborn outfits. In fact, it's a good idea to shop from a newborn checklist when prepping a newborn wardrobe and focus on the five clothing items you really need. I often recommend that new moms leave the tags on any newborn clothes they get until they're absolutely sure they'll be needing them.

Now that we've got that settled, let's focus on where you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

Thrift Shops

Depending on the type of mom you are, putting your newborn baby in clothes you purchased at a thrift shop may or may not seem appealing. However, I would encourage you to seriously consider this. Many brand new baby clothes — still in packaging or still with tags on them — end up at thrift shops when busy parents just don't have time to deal with making an appointment with a consignment shop. Couple that with the fact that one of the most frequently gifted items at baby showers are baby clothes, and it starts to make sense. It's easy to find local thrift shops in your area by simply doing a Google search and most towns have a national organization such as a Goodwill or Salvation Army.


Probably one of the most economical of all ways to get your hands on cheap newborn baby clothes, the hand-me-down connection is one of the best. The plus is that you often get lots of baby clothes for free; the down side is, of course, you don't get to pick through the clothes first and, depending on how many people you are connected with, you can also find yourself buried in used baby clothes.

So, there's two ways to handle this. You can either take the clothes and then host a baby clothes swap party, or you can politely turn down the baby clothes.

Host a Swap Party

Which brings me to the third place to find the least expensive baby clothes; a baby clothes swap party.

Of all the options, this is my favorite simply because it gives you the chance to connect with other moms, which an important component of relieving stress. I've seen an uprising in community-wide clothing swaps, both for children and adults, as well as swaps for toys. Organizing a party is fun and it's a great way to offload clothes you don't want or need, and in return, get some clothes you can use.

Consignment Shops

I'm mentioning consignment shops here because they can be a very good resource for inexpensive baby clothes. However, I don't necessarily recommend them for newborn baby clothes, and here's why: the one-piece rompers and baby pajamas that your newborn will spend most days in are going to cost you between $3 and $5 each. Compared to the price of new baby clothes, this is a bargain. However, you can still find far less expensive newborn clothes through swaps, hand-me-downs, or thrift stores.

In the end, it really comes down to a matter of preference and how you're most comfortable procuring your baby clothes. As you get prepared to welcome a new baby to your home and preparing a new wardrobe, it's important to remember that there are certain things to look for when dressing your baby in used baby clothes, your baby will not wear a newborn size for long, and that you should have a strategy in place to organize all the new clothes as well.

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