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Newborn Baby Clothes

Newborn baby clothes are abundant, and once you find out you're pregnant, it's hard not to run out and buy every cute thing you find hanging on the rack. However, newborn babies have very specific needs and they don't need as much as you may think.
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How Many Clothes Does a New Baby Really Need?
It's easy to be tempted by baby clothes because they're so cute. But an overstuffed closet is totally unnecessary.

How Long Will My New Baby Wear Newborn-Sized Baby Clothes?
The reality is, newborn-sized baby clothes really aren't that big. So are they even worth buying?

Parents Review Their Favorite Baby Clothes Brands
Every parent has a favorite baby clothes brand that they turn to time and time again. Here's your chance to rate and share your thoughts on your favorite brand. See submissions

Top 5 Baby Clothes Items Every New Parent Should Have
Newborn baby clothing is a necessity for new parents, but exactly what to buy can be overwhelming. There are really only 5 pieces of baby clothing that you need for the first few weeks you are home.

5 Tips for Buying Comfortable Infant Clothing
For infants, comfort is number one when it comes to their clothes. Follow these 5 tips for buying comfortable infant clothing and, while I can't promise you'll have an always happy baby, I can promise you'll have a very comfortable one!

Newborn Baby Clothes: What to Expect
The first six weeks of a baby's life requires a few key pieces of newborn baby clothes. Newborns are messy, so multiples of each item are recommended. But don't fret, the list is short; your newborn baby's clothing needs are very minimal.

Newborn Baby Clothes: A Checklist for the First 8 Weeks
The first six weeks of a baby's life requires a few key pieces of baby clothes. Newborns are messy, so multiples of each item are recommended. But don't fret, the list is short; your newborn baby's clothing needs are very minimal.

Newborn Baby Clothes: What Newborn Baby Clothes Were Essential to You?
Newborn baby clothes are an essential part of bringing your baby home from the hospital. While there are certain baby clothes that you should have stocked and ready in your baby's closet, I'd like to know what newborn baby clothes you found the most helpful in your first 8 weeks at home.

Non-Essential Newborn Baby Clothes
When you're shopping for newborn baby clothes it's easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. When you're a fist time parent, it's hard to know what's necessary and what's a waste of money for those first few weeks at home. Here are the items you can skip when purchasing newborn baby clothes.

Parents Answer: Which Newborn Baby Clothes Are a Waste of Money?
Some newborn baby clothes are just a waste of money, plain and simple. What baby clothes were left untouched in your newborn's closet?

5 Things to Consider When Buying Newborn Baby Clothes
As a new parent - and especially if you're a first time parent - your stomach might do flip-flops at the very sight of newborn baby clothes. So small and delicate, they're adorable and hard to resist. However, your goal should be to fill your baby's closet with practical newborn clothes and avoid items that could potentially make your baby uncomfortable or baby clothes that are a waste of money

Washing Newborn Baby Clothes Before Using Them is a Must
It's easy to get overwhelmed by newborn baby clothes - especially when you're getting so many as gifts. And with all the preparation that comes with getting ready to bring a new baby home, you may be tempted to skip washing all those little outfits. Do you really have to wash newborn baby clothes before you use them?

How Long Will my New Baby Wear New Born Baby Clothes?
New born baby clothes are often given as gifts, but it's hard to know how long they'll fit. Irresistibly cute, new born baby clothes are one of...

What Baby Size Do I Buy for a Newborn?
It's hard to determine what baby size to buy a newborn. Do you opt for newborn sizes? Or immediately jump to 0-3 months? Here's an easy way to decide what baby size to buy for your newborn.

Top 3 Inexpensive Newborn Baby Clothes Brands
Newborns grow fast and it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend hundreds of dollars on newborn clothes. But, as a new parent, you still want the baby to look nice and be dressed in quality clothes, right? Here's the top 3 brands of newborn clothes that are high quality and wallet-friendly.

How to Avoid Baby Clothes Overload
Whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned veteran, it's easy to get stuck with too many baby clothes. From hand-me-downs and clearance sales to gifts and impulse purchases, baby clothes add up fast in terms of both volume and money. Avoid getting bogged down with too many baby clothes and find out what to do if you already have an...

Where to Find Cheap Newborn Clothes
Newborns grow very quickly and spending a lot of money on clothes is often a waste. Here are three places to find cheap newborn clothes to get you through those first few weeks at home.

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