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Fleece Clothing for Babies


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Question: Fleece Clothing for Babies

I keep hearing that I should avoid synthetic fabrics in my baby's clothing, yet I see fleece in all sorts of baby clothes stores - especially in baby outerwear. Fleece is a synthetic fiber and it seems really comfortable; what's the deal? Can I use fleece clothing for my baby, even though it's synthetic?


Generally, synthetics should be avoided in baby clothes simply because they don't breath very well, meaning they can trap moisture against baby's skin causing irritation.

Fleece is the exception. Fleece is soft, cozy and warm, particularly in colder weather. It's a great choice for outerwear and is an excellent choice for layering in the colder weather months.

You will find fleece clothing in a variety of thicknesses and you'll probably find yourself purchasing more than one piece to use in a variety of temperatures.

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