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Top 5 Baby Halloween Bodysuits


I love October. The leaves start to change, the air gets a little bit crisp, and the month is topped off with Halloween. Our baby will be dressing up — as I'm sure many of yours will  — but in the weeks leading up to the big night, I'll be sure to have her wearing a few Halloween-inspired bodysuits to get us all in the mood. Here's a list of my favorites this year!

1. "Teething Bites" by Baby GAP

Baby Halloween Bodysuits

How true it is; teething really does bite.  

Outside of the obvious chuckle factor, I truly do adore this particular bodysuit by Baby GAP. 

Available in size 0-24 months, this bodysuit is made of heavyweight 100% cotton. GAP is known for its high-quality bodysuits and this is no exception; when I checked it out in-store, I was thrilled with the how soft and thick this was.

In addition, another very cool feature is that it glows-in-the-dark! How fun is that?

Not crazy about the bat graphic? Choose from a pumpkin (on a black background), a ghost (on an orange background), or the "I Want My Mummy" (also on black). As with the bodysuit shown here, all three of these alternatives also glow in the dark.  

2. PanchoEstein "Glow in the Dark" One-Zzz

Baby Halloween Clothes
Booby Trap Shop

Booby Trap glow-in-the-dark bodysuits have been getting rave reviews from readers since I first wrote about them way back in 2009.

With a large collection of glow-in-the-dark bodysuits, dresses, hoodies, and t-shirts sporting punk-inspired cupcakes, Frankensteins, bats, wolf-es, and other assorted "monsters," this is truly an adorable line. What's more, the clothes are all made of 100% cotton, are produced right in Los Angeles, and the folks that run the place are phenomenal. 

Highly recommended, you can read what other readers have had to say about the line right here; then you can go check out the Booby Trap website to get your hands on some of these adorable wares. Sizes start at 3 months and go all the way up to big kid sizes. 

3. "Auntie Gives the Best Candy" by Carter's

Baby Halloween Bodysuits by Carter's

We all know that auntie's love to spoil their nieces and nephews. And now, they can tell the world with this cute Halloween bodysuit from the JUST ONE YOU line by Carter's.

Intended for babies wearing size newborn to 12 months, there are other Carter's bodysuits for the bigger sizes too, so don't worry if you have an older child.

Made of the 100% cotton that snagged Carter's a spot as the "Best Overall Baby Clothes Brand of 2011", these are available at one of the many stores Carter's is sold at, including Target, Babies 'R Us, Kohl's, and Belk's.

No aunties in the family? Don't worry, there's also a bodysuit with the slogan "Grandma's Creepy Crawler."

4. "They Did the Mash" by Twiggles & Sweeney

Baby Halloween Bodysuits Monster Mash
Twiggles & Sweeney/Cafe Press

This is the first I'd heard of this designer, but boy do I like what I see! 

Screenprinted with a cartoon rendition of a mummy, vampire, and Frankenstein doing "the mash," this bodysuit is colorful, creative, and fun. Choose from one of four colors when you order this 100% jersey knit cotton bodysuit, available in sizes 0-24 months.

With an envelope neckline and a three-snap bottom, dressing and diaper changes will be a breeze.

Available at Cafe Press.

5. "Zombies Make Me Poop" by Littlenunmptees

Baby Halloween Bodysuits Monster Mash
Littlenunmptees/Cafe Press

While some might find this slightly offensive, I believe this to be all in good fun; this would be particularly suited for a baby whose parents have quite the sense of humor.

Screenprinted, this slogan can be printed on one of four colored short-sleeved bodysuits (pink, blue, celery, or white) and can be purchased in sizes 0-24 months. Made of 100% jersey knit cotton, it's soft and comfy. 

Created by Littlenunmptees Offensive Funny Kids Tshirt Store, I think you'll be hard pressed to find another one quite like it. If you like this one, be sure to check out the entire selection (warning: some of the designs are marginally inappropriate, but most are very funny). 

Zombies Make Me Poop can be purchased through Cafe Press.

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