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5 Alternatives to Baby Halloween Costumes


Halloween can be a lot of fun for the little ones. And while many parents choose to dress their baby up for Halloween, others prefer the simplicity of a Halloween-themed t-shirt or bodysuit. Alternately, it's often fun to dress the baby in Halloween-inspired pajamas in the weeks leading up to the big night. Below are some great alternatives to the traditional baby Halloween costume!

1. Monster-Inspired Clothes from Booby Trap Shop

Baby Halloween Clothes
Booby Trap Shop

I was first introduced to Booby Trap Shop a few years ago and when I brought the line to the rest of you, the response was overwhelming. Everyone seemingly loves Booby Trap Shop!

They carry a unique line of baby clothes that glow-in-the-dark. A little bit monster, a little bit punk, and a whole lot of fun. 

Choose from hoodies, sleep sacks (SweetPea), t-shirts, bodysuits (the OneZzz), and ruffle dresses for little boys and girls. All of the products are 100% cotton and made right in Los Angeles, so you're supporting a small, U.S.-based business as well. Love it!

Sizes start at 3 months and go all the way up through a kids' size 12.

2. Halloween-Themed Bodysuits

Baby Halloween Bodysuits Monster Mash
Littlenunmptees/Cafe Press

What could be simpler than a Halloween-themed bodysuit? With a variety of graphics and witty sayings on them, these bodysuits could be paired with jeans, skirts, knit pants....basically anything. If you want to get really cute, opt for a knit hat that looks like a pumpkin to "top it off" so to speak.

Halloween-inspired bodysuits — as far as I'm concerned — can be worn starting on October 1st. With pumpkins, bats, mummys, Frankensteins, and punk cupcakes, there's a little something for every baby.

Check out my favorite Halloween bodysuits of the season

3. Halloween Pajamas

Vampire Sleep Set by Baby GAP
Baby GAP

I have found several really cute baby Halloween pajama sets this season that could easily double as a costume if you didn't want to really dress your baby up. However, if you will be using them as pajamas also, please be sure to review my article 3 Rules for Buying Baby Sleepwear. 

This vampire sleep set by Baby GAP has ribbed cuffs on both the arms and legs to prevent bunching. Other styles include the fireman, policeman, spacesuit, and a racecar driver sleep set.

Carter's has created a 2-piece Halloween pajama set for the season as well. For baby boys, you can choose from bats or an all-black ensemble that resembles a skeleton. Got a girl at home? This black cat-inspired 2-piece set is perfect and (fittingly) includes leopard print bottoms.

I also really like these personalized pumpkin long johns that feature a button-up bottom and, if you choose, your baby's name embroidered on the backside.


4. One-Piece Halloween Rompers

skeleton romper by Old Navy
Old Navy

Halloween one-piece rompers can be an awesome and easy substitute for an actual costume and can be worn all season long. Here are several I'm scoping out this year.

Old Navy came out with a skeleton romper in both pink and black to suit both boys and girls. What I like about this particular design is that the skeleton has a little red heart. 

DC Comics Superhero rompers are also a nice alternative. Your baby can dress up as Batman or Superman (traditional blue or all pink), without donning a cape or tall boots. 

If your baby is still really young, you might consider a romper with feet attached so you don't have to worry about socks; this "My First Halloween" footed romper from Old Navy is both cute and affordable.

Remember, when purchasing a one-piece romper (also known as a coverall) you want to look for a few things that will make dressing and diaper changes easier. 

5. Halloween Accessories

Baby Pumpkin Hat
Stephanie's Baby Boutique

Whether you've chosen to do something from the above or you simply want to pop a hat on your baby's head and call it good, Halloween accessories are the perfect way to finish off an outfit or create one in the simplest way possible. 

There are plenty of options out there, from hand-knitted pumpkin hats and diaper covers and little witch hats to more commercial socks and booties. Other Halloween accessories you might consider are simple bibs, fabric bags, wands, tutus, and tiaras.



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