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Inexpensive Baby Clothes Gifts

Gifts You'll be Proud to Give and They'll be Happy to Get


Inexpensive baby gifts are needed all year long. Whether you're looking to spend $15 or more than $100, there are a variety of baby clothes gifts that will be well received by the recipient and give you, as the gifter, great pleasure in purchasing them.

1. 5 Baby Gifts Under $10

Aden + Anais Bib
It seems there's always baby gifts to buy. And while you may want to splurge on some, there are other times that you need to be more budget conscious. These 5 top baby gifts under $10 will fill this niche without breaking your budget.

2. 7 Baby Gifts Under $15

Baby Legs for Baby Boys
Price Grabber
What can you get for less than $15? Quite a lot actually. BabyLegs, luxury tights and Creative Clips, just to name a few. Great for any time of year, they make especially good stocking stuffers.

3. 5 Baby Gifts Under $25

LL Bean Baby Slippers
LL Bean
Gifts that might be considered smaller in size, they're still big on style and comfort. From Mini Boden Big Applique T-shirts to animal paw slippers and recycled suede shoes, there's an awful lot of baby clothes gifts to be had for less than $25.

4. 7 Baby Gifts Under $50

LL Bean Baby Outerwear
LL Bean
Mid-priced baby clothes are often unique items that aren't found just anywhere. Warm and cozy jackets, UGG crocheted booties and bamboo gift sets all made this list where everything is under $50.

5. 12 Irresistible Organic Baby Clothes Gifts

Tiny Ducky Newborn Gift Set
Tiny Ducky
Organic baby clothes are just sometimes too cute to resist; here are 12 organic baby clothing pieces that I find simply irresistible. Buy them for yourself, or give them as a gift at a shower; the choice is yours.

6. Newborn Baby Clothes Gifts

Buying for a newborn baby? This list is focused on what newborn clothes are needed for the first 8 weeks. Many of the pieces suggested are multiples so if you want to buy extras, go ahead! Babies are messy and multiples of the same item means less laundry for new parents.
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