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Great Baby Clothes Gifts

Baby clothes make great baby shower gifts. Maybe you're crafty and can make a more personalized clothing gift, or maybe you just need a few key pieces of baby clothing to pull your whole gift together. Whatever your predicament, we've got some suggestions to help get you ready for the shower.

Inexpensive Baby Clothes Gifts
Inexpensive baby gifts are needed all year long. Whether you're looking to spend $15 or more than $100, there are a variety of baby clothes gifts that will be well received by the recipient and give you, as the gifter, great pleasure in purchasing them.

5 Baby Gifts Under $10
It seems there's always baby gifts to buy. And while you may want to splurge on some, there are other times that you need to be more budget conscious. These 5 top baby gifts under $10 will fill this niche without breaking your budget.

7 Baby Gifts Under $15
When you think of baby Christmas gifts, you usually think of toys. But a recent survey by American Baby indicated that one of the top choices for baby gifts were actually baby clothes. Here's 7 great baby clothes gifts - all priced under $15.

6 Baby Gifts Under $25
Baby clothes make great baby gifts - especially when they're priced at $25 or less. Here are my baby clothes picks for baby gifts at the $25 price point.

7 Baby Gifts Under $50
When you think of holiday gifts for babies, you usually think of toys, but a recent survey by American Baby indicated that one of the top choices for baby gifts were actually baby clothes. Here's 6 great baby clothes gifts for this holiday season - all priced under $50.

The Cutie PaTuTu Baby Tutu: You've Never Seen a Baby Tutu This Cute
Cutie Pa Tutus is putting a whole new spin on the baby tutu with their energetic, colorful line of baby tutus. Think you've seen all the baby tutus on the market? Think again.

5 Great Organic Pieces That Make Great Baby Clothing Gifts
Baby showers are filled with baskets of lotions, toys, bottles, and diapers. Make your gift unforgettable by putting together an organic baby clothes ensemble; here are 5 of my favorites.

Baby Clothes: Great Original Baby Clothes from Chew Bug Designs
Baby clothes make great baby clothing gifts, but it's often hard to come up with baby clothes that are original in design. There's a lot to be said for the guest who brings an unforgettable, handmade baby clothes as a gift - even if you're not the one that actually labored over it. Chew Bug Designs offers original baby clothes that make great gifts for baby girls and boys.

Great Baby Shower Gift Idea: BabyBam Organic Baby Clothes
Want to give a great baby shower gift? Look no further than BabyBam; they've got a great line of organic baby clothing basics made of bamboo fibers, as well as soaps and baby spa items. Celebrity parents love BabyBam for all it's benefits; did you know that bamboo is anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, and thermal regulating? That's a great baby shower gift for sure.

Create a Luxurious Baby Layette
When you're shopping for the perfect baby gift, you'll find hundreds of boxed layette sets lining the shelves of every mega-retailer. Create a memorable layette that includes the new baby and parents; it's a whole new take on a luxurious baby layette.

Luxe Infant and Baby Clothing Gifts for Boys and Girls
High fashion is all the rage and you see celebrity tots decked out in threads by designers that their parents are wearing. We thought it would be good form to take a look at which designers are now creating luxe infant and baby clothing and what they've come up with for the spring. Remember, designer duds always make great baby clothing gifts.

Adorable Handmade Bloomers
If you know how to sew, the new parents are in luck; these disposable diaper covers are simply adorable. Make one or make a bunch. There are so cute, you won't be able to resist.

Hooded Infant Towels
When my daughter was an infant, I received one of these hooded towels as a shower gift; it was invaluable. Since then, I've given hooded infant towels out as baby shower gifts. Every new parent has raved about how handy they've been. Easy to make, you can whip one up in a flash.

Before You Buy Baby Clothing Gifts
Before you buy a baby clothing gift for that new little someone, you'll want to read this article to ensure a perfect fit.

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