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Baby Clothes for Baby Girls


Baby girls have specific needs and lots of options when it comes to their baby clothes - and they're not all pink. See what you need for your baby girl, from organic baby clothes to outerwear.
  1. Newborn Baby Girls
  2. Essentials for Baby Girls
  3. Warm and Cold Weather Wear
  1. Footwear for Baby Girls
  2. Baby Girl Clothes on a Budget
  3. Holidays and Special Occasions

Newborn Baby Girls

Speesees Dandelion Eggplant Kimono Onesie

Newborns have specific needs of their own, from clothes to laundry. Combine that with your sleep-deprived state of mind, and you'll be overwhelmed in no time. During this time of your baby girl's life, it's important to stick with just the basics.

Essentials for Baby Girls

Old Navy Polka Dot Fleece Blanket Sleepers for Girls

Do you already know that you're having a baby girl? Or are you shopping for a baby girl that's soon to arrive? There's lots of options out there, both basic and luxurious, when it comes to baby girl clothes and it's easy to go overboard. Remember, it's just fine to buy only what you need at first because babies grow fast and you'll be buying more baby clothes before you know it. With that said, if you just can't resist, you'll find great luxurious baby clothes options too.

Warm and Cold Weather Wear

Columbia Santa Peak 2-Piece Set

The warmer months of the year pose their own special challenges for parents. You may be questioning how to dress the baby, how much is too much or too little, and what products are available to protect your baby from the sun's rays.

Footwear for Baby Girls

GAP Gold Metallic Ballet Flats

Does your baby girl really need shoes right away? Are there any crib shoes that really stay on? How do I know what the best baby shoe is for my little girl? Buying baby shoes can be mighty confusing; here's what you need to know.

Baby Girl Clothes on a Budget

There's so much to buy when you have a baby girl; shopping on a budget becomes absolutely essential. Get the most for your dollar when you shop for your girl.

Holidays and Special Occasions

Pottery Barn Kids Silk Tulle Dress

Holidays and special occasions call for very special clothes. Whether you're opening gifts or trick-or-treating, you'll want your little girl dressed for the occasion.

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