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I've noticed that a lot of the baby clothes I have are made in China.....


CU of 'Made in China' label on clothing
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Question: I've noticed that a lot of the baby clothes I have are made in China.....
After the lead paint scare with the baby toys, I'm wondering if I should be worried about any chemicals in my baby's clothes?

Sue P., Middleton, WI

Answer: While there is no solid evidence on the subject, I can tell you that in August of 2007, the Global Edition of the New York Times, IHT, issued a report on a recall of blankets, made in China, after an investigation by the New Zealand government.

The recall occurred based on findings that there were excessive levels of formaldehyde found in the clothing; concentrations of up to 900 times more than was legally allowed. Formaldehyde is flammable, and is also a known neurotoxin and carcinogen.

The investigation itself was prompted after two children had their pajamas catch on fire; these pajamas were also made in China.

That said, buying clothes made in the United States does not always guarantee safety either. At this time, there are no government regulations on the allowable use of formaldehyde when it comes to the production of baby clothes - or adult clothes for that matter.

So, while it's not easy to say for sure whether or not clothing coming from China is safe to wear, I prefer to err on the side of caution. That caution being, going organic.

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