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How Many Clothes Does a New Baby Really Need?


Mother holding newborn in hospital
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Q: I'm a second-time parent, but it's been more than a decade since I last had a baby in the house. How many clothes will my new little guy really need? And what size should I buy?

A: This is such a common question and it's an excellent one. The truth is, you don't need very many, and the size will largely depend on how big your newborn is predicted to be.

Though many parents are tempted to buy newborn-sized clothes, the truth is, they don't fit for very long. And while a new Marks & Spencer study suggests that most babies have an astonishing 56 different outfits in their closet rotation, that's really far too many.

The first eight weeks of a baby's life really only require a few key pieces of clothing. And of all the clothes on that list, I strongly suggest purchasing used baby clothes as much as possible. Babies grow so quick, it's not worth spending a fortune on clothes they'll only wear for a few weeks. Invest in a coming home outfit, a christening outfit (if that fits with your beliefs), and perhaps an outfit for a "meet and greet" with the family. Outside of that, I'd recommend spending your hard-earned dollars on essential gear for the new baby and perhaps a spa treatment for yourself!

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