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"Best Kept Secret" Brand/Line: Katy and Zucchini
handmade baby clothes

Katy and Zucchini Baby clothes

Katy and Zucchini

I was very excited to roll out this category this year. I love finding new brands, and by asking the readers to nominate their "Best Kept Secret" lines, I knew I was bound to learn of something great that was still emerging into the competitive market of baby clothes.

Not surprisingly, several Etsy brands were nominated and one was crowned the victor. Katy and Zucchini, self-branded as "a delightful mix of fun and geekery," is owned and operated by Melissa Jenkins of Seattle. A science teacher and a mom she believes that every creation should be giggle-worthy.

Specializing in screen printing these unique designs on 100% cotton baby and toddler shirts, she has recently branched out to include adult items as well as bedding and bags. As anyone who's ever seen the screen printing process knows, it can get pretty messy and pretty toxic if care is not used. Melissa is aware of this and has developed an incredibly green method to her print process. Not only does she create the screens she uses out of old photo frames and drapery, she uses soft, non-toxic water-based inks for her designs. You can actually view how Melissa works via this tutorial that she created.

Currently, Katy and Zucchini can be purchased through Melissa's Etsy shop.

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