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Baby Clothes Brands that Celebrities Love

Celebrities love to dress their babies to the nines and high-end designers are taking notice. Recently a host of the same designers that dress celebrities for the red carpet are also creating baby clothes. Here's a look at favorite celebrity baby clothes brands.

Celebrity Baby Brands: Lola et Moi
Baby clothes couture is at the heart of Lola et Moi. Each piece is carefully hand woven and is sophisticated and chic. A favorite brand of celebrities such as Kelly Ripa, Tori Spelling, and Brooke Shields. This is one baby clothes line you won't find in department stores.

Celebrity Baby Brands: Little Giraffe
Loved by celebrities, Little Giraffe is the creator of the signature "cozy cuddler;" a line of clothes made of luxurious chenille and lined with satin.

Celebrity Baby Brands: Hermes
That's right, even Hermes creates baby clothes. Luxurious, Hermes creates cashmere mittens and beautiful leather Mary Jane's.

Celebrity Baby Brands: TSE Cashmere
A small and elite collection of just a few cashmere, hand knit baby clothes pieces. TSE Baby is a knitwear collection that "captures the enchantment of childhood."

Celebrity Baby Brands: Barney's New York
A favorite store of Sarah Jessica Parker, Barney's New York is "a mecca for discerning fashionistas and clothing connoisseurs since 1923." With an adorable, and affordable, baby line, it's no wonder it's a favorite of celebrity parents.

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