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The 2008 Top 5 Political Baby Bodysuits for Future Voters


As parents, we've got our political beliefs. Now, thanks to some clever folks around the web, your baby can share in your party affiliation, or just your political stance, with political baby bodysuits. This list gives you great options to find great political baby bodysuits.

Don't Blame Me

Don't Blame Me Onesie
Savvy Tot
"Don't Blame Me, I Can't Vote Until 2026," is a hysterical new take on the old bumper sticker that came out after John Kerry lost to George Bush.

This political baby bodysuit can be worn by either side of the aisle, and isn't affiliated with any one particular party.

Long-sleeved, this is perfect for cooler fall weather and has a matching hat and pants that are also available through Savvy Tot.

Got a voter for 2024 or 2025? Those versions are also available.

Obama For Change

Obama For Change Onesie
Cafe Press
Are you an Obama supporter? Then I bet your little guy would be too if he could voice his opinion right now.

I love the styling of this baby bodysuit because of the lettering; it just looks all fun and flower child-ish, doesn't it?

Available in three colors with a three-seat snap closure, your baby will be comfy when he heads out to all those Democratic rallies.

Strong Girls Vote Palin/McCain

Strong Girls Vote Palin/McCain Onesie
Speak Up Designs
Love the fact that the Republican party is trying to break up the "Old Boys Club?"

This cute political baby bodysuit, inspired by the "Strong Girls" posters, this was designed by a mom that wanted to inspire others to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket.

If you've got a baby girl and you love the idea of Sarah Palin in office, this might just be the right political baby bodysuit for your baby.

President Poopoohead

President Poopoohead Baby Onesie
Sandbox Threads
Don't care for the current administration? Say it loud and proud!

President Poopoohead depicts President George W. Bush in only a way that a baby bodysuit could get away with.

Available as a short and long-sleeve baby bodysuit, as well as a baby rib dress, you can get this in several different colors. Customize one for you and a friend that shares the same political point of view.

Hillary Is My Homegirl

Hillary Is My Homegirl Onesie
Still wishing HIllary had won the nomination? Then this "Hillary Is My Homegirl" baby bodysuit is right up your alley.

Your baby girl or boy will be ultra-comfortable in this organic cotton baby bodysuit with triple-seat snaps.

Word on the street is that Hillary might run again in 2012; why not show your support now?

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