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Designer Baby Clothes

Designer baby clothes are all the rage right now. Top names in the fashion industry are lining up to get their pint-sized version of adult styles in front of anxious new parents. From trendy baby bodysuits to celebrity designed baby clothes lines, we cover them all.
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Designer Onesies
While shopping for baby onesies, you'll certainly encounter some of the designer brands, one of which is Ralph Lauren. But really, is it worth the extra money to buy Ralph Lauren onesies?

Alpha Buddies - Where Smart Babies Get Hip Baby Clothes
Alpha Buddies has some of the coolest and hip baby clothes around. Taking a new spin on baby t-shirts, they forgo the typical animals and shapes, opting instead for classical music and art inspired t-shirts. Got a future artist on your hands? Dress them in a hip baby t-shirt that says "V is for van Gogh."

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