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How Should I Measure My Baby's Feet for Shoes?


Newborn baby's foot being measured
Jade Brookbank/Photodisc/Getty Images

Question: Our baby has been walking in soft soled shoes for several months and has gotten quite confident in his stride. I think it's time to step-up and buy him a sturdier shoe so he can play outside and still be protected from sticks, rocks, etc. My question is, how do I determine if I'm buying the right size baby shoe?

Answer: This is a common question. When your baby is wearing soft soled shoes it's simple to figure out if they're wearing the right size because you can feel everything. But when you get in to a sturdier shoe with a thicker outer upper and sole, it's hard to tell what's going on in there. That's why I highly recommend getting your baby's feet measured by a professional at a shoe store when you first start shopping.

In addition, you can purchase shoes such as the Nike SMS Roadrunner, the Stride Rite SRT, or shoes by Buster Brown with "toe zone" technology. All three brands (plus numerous others on the market) have a special removable insole that allows you to see where your child's toes hit. The sole itself is marked with indictors to tell you when it's time to buy the next size up.


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