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Top 5 Questions About Babies and Shoes


Mother playing with baby girl on exercise mat at home
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When your baby is first learning to walk, lots of questions come up. From when it's time to put shoes on them to what type to buy. Here's a list of the top 10 most frequently asked questions about babies and shoes.

#1. Should My Baby be Barefoot When They Learn to Walk?

The short answer is not as simple as yes or no because it's not always practical for your baby to be barefoot. Here's the best way to protect a new walkers feet while promoting healthy foot development.

#2. I'm Overwhelmed by the Choices in Baby Shoes! What is the Most Important Thing to Focus on When I Buy the First Pair of "Real" Baby Shoes?

Choices are abundant when it comes to buying baby shoes. Fortunately, there's really two main things to focus on. Here I talk about them both.

#3. What's the Best Way to Measure My Baby's Feet for His First "Real" Shoes?

Getting a proper fit is super important when it comes to baby shoes — especially since fit affects gait development and a person's lifelong gait is established during these early years (no pressure mom!). Here's my advice on measuring your baby's feet for his first "real" shoes.

#4. Can My Baby Wear Used Baby Shoes?

I'm always an advocate for buying used — except when it comes to baby shoes. Normally used baby clothes are great for the environment and for your wallet. But baby shoes are a whole different ball game. Find out why I don't think parents should use previously worn baby shoes. Find out here.

#5. I Love the Look of European Styled Baby Shoes; How Do I Know What Size to Buy?

European styles are becoming more and more popular stateside. Especially with the ease of ordering online — you can purchase shoes from virtually anywhere. And with European brands like Hanna Andersson, Mini Boden, and H&M finding real traction in the U.S. marketplace, it's not uncommon to find yourself browsing these UK sizes on a regular basis. Here's a helpful baby shoe size chart which shows the conversion between UK and US sizes. I hope it helps!

Still have questions? Check out more frequently asked questions about buying baby shoes.


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