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Infant and Baby Footwear

Popular baby footwear for play and dress. Top designers and shoes for pre-walkers and walkers, along with information on where to buy.
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  3. Soft Soled Baby Shoes (8)
  4. Winter Baby Boots & Shoes (4)

What Size Crib Shoe Should I Buy?
Baby shoes are not recommended until your little one is walking, but crib shoes are attractive for keeping toes warm when your baby is playing around the house and out and about. But sizing can be tricky; here's how to make sure you buy the right size crib shoe.

6 Steps to Buying the First Pair of Baby Shoes
So your baby is walking and ready for his first pair of baby shoes - now what? Here's 6 steps to follow when you buy that first pair of baby shoes.

Top 5 Winter Boots for Babies Who Are Walking
Cold weather, snow and slush call for baby boots that can keep little feet warm and dry. As a parent, I require good tread, durability and a boot that is easy for me to get on and off squirmy toes. Here's a round-up of this season's best baby boots, all which meet my discerning criteria.

Baby Shoe Size Chart with US and UK Conversions
Baby shoes are fun to buy, and fun to give as baby gifts. With the Internet at your fingertips, it's now possible to buy baby shoes from all over the world.

Top 5 Sneakers for Babies
If you love shoes, you'll love buying them for your new baby. This list of sneakers include the classics that never go out of style.

Before You Buy Baby's First Shoes
It seems like just yesterday that you brought your baby home; now they're already walking! Before you go out and buy your baby's first shoes, there are a few things to consider.

When Is It Time for Baby's First Shoes?
As a new parent, you're likely to want to dress your baby to the nines all the time - and that usually includes shoes. But it turns out that babies don't need actual shoes until they start walking. Vincent Iannelli, MD, talks about how to dress your baby's feet in the meantime.

The Best Baby Shoes for New Walkers
Soft soled baby shoes are excellent for developing baby feet. But sometimes it's difficult for a baby to make the transition to a more supportive shoe. Luckily, there are several brands on the market that provide the flexibility of a soft soled baby shoe but the support and protection of a more traditional shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Baby Shoes
So you think it might be time to buy your baby his first pair of shoes? Take a look at these frequently asked questions bout buying baby shoes.

Getting to Know the Stride Rite Brand
Stride Rite has been a trusted brand since 1919 — nearly 100 years! Learn more about this brand, why it's great for babies and new walkers, and why you should trust your baby's feet to Stride Rite.

Can I Put Shoes On My Baby Who's Just Learning to Walk?
This reader wants to know if she should let her baby learn to walk barefoot or if it's okay to put her baby in shoes to protect her little feet.

How Should I Measure My Baby's Feet for Shoes?
Ever wonder what size shoe your baby should be wearing? Since they can't speak up and tell you what feels to tight or too lose, it's often hard to know if you're purchasing the right size.

What is the Single Most Important Feature in Baby Shoes?
This reader is overwhelmed by the prospect of buying baby shoes and wants to know the bottom line on what is the single most important feature in new baby shoes?

Can My Baby Wear Used Baby Shoes?
Used baby clothes can save you bundles of money, but do used baby shoes provide the same value?

Top 5 Questions About Babies and Shoes
From the moment babies are born, most moms can't wait to put adorable booties and shoes on them. But when is it really appropriate to put shoes on your baby? That's just one of the many questions answered here.

The Best Baby Shoes
If there's one thing this years' nominees and finalists told me, it's that parents love. This category is filled with them! Last year, this category was one of the most hotly-contested polls ... this year was no different. Read on to see which companies were named as finalists in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards, Best Baby Shoes contest.

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