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Question: The Best Style Baby T-shirt for Umbilical Cords
The first few weeks you are home with your newborn baby, you'll be contending with his or her umbilical cord every time you dress them. So, what is the best style baby t-shirt for umbilical cords?

Umbilical cord care can be intimidating to many first - and even second-time - parents. I know I was constantly worried about bumping the cord and hurting my newborn daughter. But with baby bodysuits a necessary layer under newborn clothes, it's hard to avoid rubbing against it.

The easiest choice is to go with a side-snap t-shirt (also known as kimono style) that ties or snaps at the side. These still provide the benefit of an extra layer, but they do not fit as snugly as a bodysuit that only snaps at the crotch.

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