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Cold Weather Baby Clothes to Pack for Car Travel with Baby


Baby in Car Seat with Mother Driving
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Many of us have family nearby, and therefore, choose to travel by car for holiday gatherings. But when you're traveling by car, especially if you're just making a day trip, it's easy to forget to pack a few essential baby clothes in the baby bag.

First and foremost, if you're traveling during the winter months, you should always have an emergency kit with baby clothes in it for unexpected roadside emergencies. Slippery roads or breakdowns can leave you stranded for hours, and it's necessary to be sure that you're fully prepared with extra baby clothes.

With that said, even if you don't experience the bad luck of a breakdown, you should have extra baby clothes packed for the car ride. When babies are sitting in car seats for an extended period of time, a lot can happen; especially if you feed them during the ride, or they're teething and drooling a lot.

Here's a quick list of what baby clothes you should pack for car trips:

  • 2 pairs of lightweight pants. It doesn't matter if these are slip-ons or if they snap leg-to-leg. The key is that the fabric is lightweight as babies can quickly overheat when they're strapped in a car seat for an extended period of time. A great option is bamboo because of its thermal regulating properties.

  • 2 short-sleeve onesies. A great layering piece, onesies are essential to have in your baby bag. Accidents happen, from diaper blow-outs to spit-up and excessive drooling; onesies are changed frequently.

  • Slip-on shoes that stay put. You know better than anyone that babies don't keep anything on their feet. A pair of slip-on shoes that stay put, like Robeez or Bobux, will keep their feet warm for your entire trip.

  • A lightweight cardigan or hoodie sweatshirt. Again with the layers. It's much easier to slip a cardigan or a zip-up sweatshirt around them if they get chilly than to stop the car, unbuckle them, and pull something over their head.

  • A thin knit cap. Although it's unlikely that you'll need it, very small babies do sometimes need a little extra help holding their body heat; that's where a thin knit cap is helpful. Choose one in a lightweight wool to keep baby warm and comfortable.

Day trips in the car can be fun, and you'll likely be headed to visit family members that will be dying to hold and coo over your baby. Be sure the baby arrives in good spirits by packing extra baby clothes to keep them clean and comfortable during your trip.

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