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5 Tips for Dressing Your Newborn Baby


Mother dressing her newborn baby
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It has been said by many experienced parents that dressing a newborn is a lot like trying to dress a wet noodle. What's the best way to get your new baby dressed in newborn baby clothing? Follow these steps to reduce your frustration and have your newborn dressed in no time flat.

To Avoid Bending Fingers and Toes

Stick your hand all the way up the sleeve or leg, then take hold of your baby's arm or leg, wrapping your hand around toes or fingers, and gently pull it back through the sleeve or leg.

To Get Them in Footie Pajamas or Coveralls

Put baby's legs in the short side first and then attempt the longer side second. This minimizes unnecessary twisting and will generally make baby more at ease.

Back-Side Buttons and Snaps are Bad News

In those first months, babies spend a lot of time on their backs and a row of buttons running up their spine will only serve to irritate them. In addition, they are tedious to fasten and to do so, you have to flip your baby over on its stomach while supporting its neck with one hand and snapping or buttoning with the other.

Cheat on Snapping Bodysuits or Opt for Side-Snaps

You're going to be sleep-deprived, it's a fact of new motherhood. In fact, by about the second night of diaper changes, you may find yourself lucky to hit just one snap let alone all three. And that's okay - cut yourself some slack. If you choose side-snapping suits (also known as kimono style) you'll also avoid having to pull anything over your newborns wobbly neck.

Don't Bother with Baby Shoes

Unless you need them for bad weather, don't even bother. Baby shoes are a pain to get on tiny, squirming feet and they rarely stay on - even if the company claims that they do. Instead, opt for soft-soled shoes with elastics at the ankle to keep feet warm.

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