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November 6, 2009



Stride Rite SRT 'Maddy'


Stride Rite SRT 'Maddy' Baby Shoes

Compare Prices on all Stride Rite SRT styles.

Shoes for babies come in both the soft-soled version and a sturdier, rubber-soled variety. Stride Rite has developed the new Sensory Response Technology (SRT) System to help new walkers reduce stumbles and falls while promoting a healthy lifelong walking pattern.

'Maddy' is just one of the styles available for baby girls, and there's plenty of styles to choose from for baby boys as well. Easy on/off styling with moisture-wicking, eco-friendly lining, self-molding footbed with heel cradle, and a padded collar for comfort.

Sensory Response Technology (SRT) is a new technology that includes sensory pods that allow baby to feel the ground beneath them, midfoot support with hourglass construction that mirrors baby's foot structure, and a multi-density sensory and cushioning system sole that molds to baby's foot. Additionally, these shoes are ultra-flexible in construction, meaning they'll bend easily with baby's steps.

An adorable line, these are perfect second step for baby shoes.

Compare Prices on all Stride Rite SRT styles.

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