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Pima Cotton


Pima Cotton (Gossypium barbadense), open and closed infructescences, La Palma, Highway 87, Arizona, USA
Horst Mahr/Getty Images

Pima cotton, named in honor of the Pima Indians, is a generic term for extra-long staple cotton grown in parts of the southwestern United States, Australia and Peru; it is one of the longest cotton staple lengths in the world and is among the softest and most durable of the cotton fibers.

The quality of Pima cotton is unmistakable, and in fact, only about 3% of the cotton produced in the United States annually is of the Pima variety. If you receive baby clothes made of Pima cotton, you know you are receiving a luxurious gift that will last through several generations.

Also Known As: Extra Long Staple, Gossypium barbadense, South American cotton, Creole cotton, Sea Island Cotton, Algodon pais, West Indische katoen

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