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Infant and Baby Clothes Glossary

A glossary of terms to help define the terminology used when talking about baby clothes. All the lingo can get overwhelming for new parents and those that are buying baby clothes for gifts; find out what it all means.

Baby Bodysuit
Baby bodysuits are another piece of clothing typically found in a layette; they are also a great layering piece.

Bag Sleeper
A bag sleeper is one of many options you have when it comes to choosing infant and baby sleepwear. Favored by many parents, it is roomy and makes midnight diaper changes more bearable thanks to its unique design.

Blanket Sleeper
A blanket sleeper is commonly worn by babies and toddlers.

Flame Resistant Fabric
Ever wonder what it means when your baby sleepwear says "flame resistant," or "flame retardant?" Here's the definition of flame resistant.

Kimono Baby Shirt
A kimono baby shirt is a popular style which is great for umbilical cord care. But what exactly is a kimono baby shirt?

A layette is a set of essential pieces in any newborns wardrobe.

Newborn Baby Mittens
Newborn babies have paper-thin nails that, while soft and pliable, can easily scratch a baby's sensitive skin. Newborn baby mittens have become the answer for some.

A onesie is probably the most common piece of clothing in any baby's wardrobe.

Organic Cotton
Organic cotton baby clothes are becoming increasingly popular.

Pima Cotton
Pima cotton is sometimes used in the highest quality baby clothes; what exactly is pima cotton and how is it different from traditional cotton?

Snug Fitting Garment
Baby sleepwear that is not flame resistant is often labeled as "snug fitting."

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