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10 Halloween Baby Costumes: All Treats, No Tricks


Ready for Halloween? Still looking for a baby Halloween costume? This list of 10 Halloween baby costumes are the cutest you'll find so you can make sure he's irresistible - no matter if he tricks or treats. Can't get enough of babies in costumes? Check out the Top 7 Not-So-Spooky Baby Costumes and browse the Halloween babies of other readers in this adorable photo gallery.

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1. The Baby Sweet Pea

baby halloween costumes
Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids has come up with one of the cutest costumes this season! The baby sweet pea is made of fleece with a jersey lining. Padded, rubber soled booties give traction to walkers. 

5 buttons up the back means it's an easy-on-easy-off costume; beanie-style had tops it all off.

2. Superhero Baby Costume

Supergirl Baby Halloween Costumes

Because she's a Super Girl! Let her don a cape and that great big "S" in signature girly pink. After Halloween, let her use the costume to play dress up.

Also available: Wonder Woman (Compare Prices) and Bat Girl (Compare Prices) for the baby girls and for the baby boys, let him go as Superman (Buy Direct) or Captain America (Compare Prices).

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3. Little Pirate with Scarf

Baby Pirate Costume

Even when she's outfitted like a darling pirate, she may not be willing to share her loot! This baby costume includes the dress and head scarf. And chances are, she'll want to play dress-up with this long after October.

Got a little boy? You'll love the Puny Pirate costume! (Buy Direct)

4. Cow Infant Costume

Baby Cow Costume

What an udderly adorable costume! Available from newborn through 12 months. Structured as a jumpsuit with an attached tail and a hood that sports attached horns.

Buy direct from BuyCostumes.com or compare prices

5. The Mighty Dino

Dinosaur Halloween Costume

A comfortable bodysuit with snap closure pant, hood and detachable tail. The cutest feature? The googly-eyes!

Buy direct from BuyCostumes.com or compare prices.

6. Future Golfer

Future Golfer Halloween Costume

Does daddy love to play 18 holes? Then your son will enjoy dressing up as a golfer - complete with an argyle sweater vest, beret and plaid pants!

7. Noah's Ark Dragon

Panda Baby Costumes
Price Grabber

Shimmery green scales and a bright yellow belly are paired with pink claws and a purple skeleton. The hood is secured by a button under the chin; great for crawlers or walkers. Available in sizes 6 to 18 months.

Buy direct or compare prices on similar dragon costumes.

8. Wizard of Oz Scarecrow

Scarecrow Baby Costumes

If he only had a brain...

Life could be a ding-a-derry in the Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Infant costume, which includes a green and brown romper with attached rope belt, faux straw decoration on the arms, green and brown scarecrowesque patches and attached shoe covers. A headpiece featuring an attached hat is also included in this not-so-scary ensemble.

Got a whole gang going trick-or-treating? Make it a themed get together with the other Wizard of Oz characters!

9. Iconic Socky Monkey for Boys and Girls

Sock Monkey Baby Costumes
Price Grabber

Sock Monkey's have made a huge comeback as of late and this costume pays tribute to this iconic toy. Also great for dress-up play anytime of the year.

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10. Hungry Hippo

Hippo Baby Costumes
Price Grabber

This hippo is a bubble-style costume and cute as can be. Mullins Square has a whole line of costumes, so if you aren't a fan of the hippo, compare prices flower pots, lobsters, kittens, sharks and many others.

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